Environmental Policy

Trust Systems Group of Companies are aware of environmental issues and our responsibilities to the environment. We do not manufacture any goods or produce energy; nor do we use raw materials and are fully aware of our duty of care, as defined in the Environmental Policy Protection Act 1990. When disposing of waste and we have an effective Environmental Policy and actively take steps to minimise our environmental impacts, including the following:

  We actively minimise waste by recycling all waste paper, plastic drinking cups, cans and toner/printer cartridges. Recycled paper is always used and double-sided printing is utilised, where possible, to minimise wastage of paper.
 We actively minimise vehicle miles and traffic pollution by encouraging the use of walking and public transport amongst our staff, ensuring that all of our cars run on either unleaded petrol or diesel and promoting car share, wherever possible.
 We actively minimise energy usage by only using energy saving lighting, and staff are encouraged to conserve energy, wherever possible, by turning off heating, lighting and computer equipment when not in use.
 We promote the sale and use of refurbished and remarketed products to our clients
 We advise customers of efficient and environmentally friendly ways of disposing of or recycling Computer hardware and offer trade ins or disposal of equipment services which are approved using the WEEE directive.